STOP Over Heat! Over Cool! Gas-Guzzeler! Is a thermostat installed in your car ???

A thermostat performs the temperature self-regulation function of the engine, but if you remove the thermostat from the car and drive, you will cause malfunction and increase fuel consumption.

We differentiate ourselves by offering thermostats that the other corporations cannot offer.

  • As all manufactured by genuine parts manufacturers, their quality is equivalent to genuine parts.
  • Because it is a structure using volume change, stable performance can be guaranteed.
  • As many of the components are pressed parts, the finished product is very inexpensive.

Will not your car freeze? People panic if the car breaks down in a remote strange town! This must be avoided absolutely.

A temperature automatic regulator of an engine is called a thermostat.
The temperature begins to rise simultaneously with a start of the engine.

  • Over heat

    If cooling can not be done in time due to overload,
    insufficient capacity of the cooling system, abnormality, etc., it will exceed the appropriate temperature and it will be overheated. As a result, heat sagging, thermal deformation, lubrication loss, gasket coming off, burning occurs, and at the worst it may lead to fire.
  • Over cool

    If proper warming cannot be done,
    malfunctions over many divergences, that is,
    the engine stall, the idling malfunction, wear of parts due to the wrong dimensions of the inappropriately thermal expanded engine and the environmental destruction caused by exhaust gas increase occur. Furthermore, it will lead to the most concerned event, fuel economy increase. In other words, the recent engine is programmed by the engine control computer to warm the engine quickly as soon as it starts, when removing the thermostat, the warm-up operation state will continue forever so that fuel consumption will increase and various problems will occur.


3 superior characteristics of the thermostat

  • 01 Temperature Control

    It is a function to keep the temperature constant, by repeating the opening and closing of the valve during normal use.
  • 02 Excessive temperature rise Prevention

    It is used for equipment that may cause danger due to abnormal temperature rise. It does not operate at normal use, but it operates only at abnormal condition.
  • 03 Temperature Detection

    It operates when reaching preset temperature.

By controlling heating and cooling automatically, keep the proper temperature of the engine constant.

Unless heated to the standard temperature, the state in which the idling speed has increased while continuing to obtain an appropriate temperature continues forever, so the fuel consumption increases. There is the person who rarely takes off thermostat in the hot country. However, the appropriate temperature of the coolant is about 80 degrees Celsius. Even if they feel hot, it's about 40 degree at most. Since the temperature is about 40 degree, the engine control computer keeps warming the engine until the engine reaches nearly 80 degree. This is too much unbearable.

In other words, even if the temperature of the engine is too high or too low, whichever it is, it is not good for the engine, that is, it is important for every engine to keep it the appropriate temperature and it is the thermostat that provides an appropriate temperature.

Let's do an economical and comfortable drive with less engine breakdown, with reduced fuel economy with a thermostat !

Let's exchange a thermostat to a new one once or twice a year.

If the thermostat sticks for some reason and it does not work or if the thermostat sticks while keeping it open, overheating or overcooling may be caused. We are committed to quality, but we can not assume that we will not suffer damage due to external factors. By all means once every 1 to 2 years we recommend that you carry out the inspection at the repair shop and change to a new thermostat depending on the situation.


Why do you need a thermostat in a car?

Thermostat is necessary for a car, a commercial vehicle, industrial equipment, a construction machine and so on. It is because a cooling system to maintain proper temperature for the purpose of maintaining performance and durability is essential.

What happens if you use a thermostat such as imitation?

If the valve does not open, it will lead to engine malfunction, resulting in overheating.

What happens if the thermostat is not installed?

Overcooling occurs. It is a terrible phenomenon almost as same as overheating. In other words, the engine, the heart part of the car will be damaged. And a fuel economy will increase. It will be the birth of a gas guzzling car. And remember that the amount of exhaust gas will increase and environmental destruction will occur with no thermostat!

This is basic matters, but we think we should explain more important things for these engines more carefully. Please feel free to contact us.

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